Rift Valley is proud to support My Trees Trust, a community based conservation operation that works to offset the impact of deforestation in Zimbabwe, planting indigenous trees in denuded areas to arrest the impact of climate change and positively impact the livelihoods of rural people. Through MyTrees Trust, the distribution of fuel-smart stoves is rolled out across our partnered small scale farmers.

Appropriate use of the stoves result in 70% reduction of the typical household’s wood consumption and reduces the overall time spent and distance walked by family members in the daily collection of firewood. A further impact of this seemly simple project is that wood that would otherwise be collected or cut, remains in situ, providing habitat for wildlife such as lizards, beetles, squirrels and birds to name but a few and reduces the occurrence of soil erosion by providing soil cover.

Since its inception Rift Valley, has contributed over $1m annually to Sustainable Afforestation Association, who in turn have an established program to plant 12 million trees per annum specifically for fuelwood for use by tobacco growers. We are committed to continuing our support of the Association and its efforts.

Northern Tobacco is proud to uphold STP and Thrive certifications. Northern Tobacco growers are provided with responsibly sourced, sustainable fuel for crop curing requirements, thereby reducing the impact on indigenous forest cover in the areas of our operations.

Rift Valley is audited by Blue North, a procedure that ensures the group is working towards the proactive clarification, development, and Implementation of sustainability strategies.

Rift Valley Corporation is striving towards achieving internationally recognised certification for sustainable business practice across the group.