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Northern Tobacco (NT) was established in 2004 to take advantage of Zimbabwe’s world-class growing conditions for flue-cured tobacco. Today NT contracts over 3,000 farmers to grow tobacco. Once harvested, cured, graded and delivered to Harare, NT then buys the tobacco from the farmer. To ensure the highest possible quality, NT procures and distributes all the inputs necessary to the farmers to grow the crop including fertilisers, chemicals, coal, woodfuel and cash for wages. Moreover, through its Agronomy Department, NT provides all its contracted farmers with agronomic advice.


Taking its social responsibility seriously, NT has a long-term HIV/ AIDS program the aim of which is to improve access to HIV/AIDS related information, counselling, testing and treatment for tobacco farmers, their dependants and associated community members. The program has impacted over 70,000 people.


In addition, NT contributes over $1m per annum to the Sustainable Afforestation Association (SAA), who in turn are planting over 12 million trees each year to provide a source of curing woodfuel for small-scale tobacco growers in Zimbabwe.