None-core Businesses

matanuska_bananasBananas Founded in 2008, Matanuska Mocambique Limitada (“Matanuska”) is located in Northern Mozambique, 100km from the deep-sea port of Nacala. Set on a total land holding of 16,000 hectares, the first phase of the project set out to establish 2,500 hectares of banana plantations.


A total of 1500 Ha was successfully planted, and the development of a fully irrigated under-tree system fed from a dedicated 55 million m3 dam saw a peak of close to 100 containers exported per week in 2014. Six fully operational pack houses have been developed where bananas are packed and to supply markets in the Middle East. Excellent road and port infrastructure now allows for efficient logistics enabling weekly shipments.


Since 2014’s peak production, the farm has however been severely impacted by the onset of Panama Disease (PD- TR4). Current measures to both contain the disease and introduce disease resistant banana varieties are underway in order to maintain productivity.


Matanuska has provided employment for up to 2,600 people and has played an active role in supporting adjacent communities; establishing one school and two clinics on the plantation.



Border TimbersBorder Timbers is an established Zimbabwean forestry company with three operational divisions – forestry, sawmilling and manufacturing.


The forestry division manages a total of five estates in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands on the border to Mozambique. Logs harvested are then processed by the sawmilling division with a capacity to process 300,000m3 of saw logs annually. Most of the timber produced from the sawmills is further processed into value-added products by the manufacturing division which is situated in the nearby town of Mutare. The manufacturing division exports most of its output to regional and international markets.


Environmental Management – In all its operations, Border Timbers is guided by an Environmental Management Policy that ensures minimal damage to the environment, provides safe working conditions for its employees and ensures appropriate waste disposal. The company manages its plantations in accordance with the highest forestry standard practices. Waste products are primarily used for steam and power generation and any excess waste is disposed of at a designated dump site.


Social Responsibility – Border Timbers employs more than 1,250workers on a full-time basis. An additional 500 employees providing seasonal work. Most employees are from communities adjacent to Border Timbers’ operations. The company takes a keen interest in the health and safety of its workforce. All employees have access to companyoperated medical clinics and protective clothing is issued on a regular basis. We strive to create a working environment which allows every individual an opportunity to achieve their potential. In rural locations, the company runs schools for the children of employees as well as children from local communities.