FlorestasIn Mozambique Rift Valley Forestry has invested in a unique plantation forestry opportunity – Florestas de Niassa.


Florestas de Niassa is a greenfield plantation project in north-western Mozambique. When fully developed, Florestas de Niassa will have planted 60,000ha of pine and eucalyptus species specifically chosen to match local growing conditions, and helped conserve up to 500,000ha of intact natural forest and other vulnerable habitats through its aligned conservation initiative LAGRI. Since 2007, more than 7,000ha have been planted. Once mature, Florestas de Niassa will sell pulpwood, poles and sawn timber to local, regional and international markets. Access to the global market is by rail to the port at Nacala. Situated on the Indian Ocean coast, Nacala is ideally positioned to service the Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and Southern African markets. Providing direct employment for up to 1000 people, Florestas de Niassa is actively engaging with surrounding communities. $250,000 have been committed to various community projects including:


  • Voluntary HIV/AIDS awareness / testing projects for employees and their families.
  • A health centre at Mapaco village in Lichinga district. Handed over to government in July 2011.
  • A second health centre at Namuanica to serve communities adjacent to the project’s Naconda Plantation.
  • Implementation of an agro-forestry extension programme at Naconda and Ziowe working jointly with Technoserve.
  • A joint project with Technoserve in Muembe District to launch a fruit-tree project for the local community