Working Towards Community prosperity


Our contribution to Education, Healthcare and Sustainable Business Development.

Conservation Agriculture is an agricultural method that has been specifically designed for the small scale African farmer. It introduces an appropriate method to increase yield and impact livelihood in a truly sustainable manner.


Working with Foundations for Farming, an organization dedicated to improving sustainable farming practice for both small and large-scale growers in Zimbabwe, Rift Valley (through its Northern Farming subsidiary) continues to introduce and promote the principles of conservation agriculture to its farmers. These principles have widespread impact, with the techniques being dispersed within communities as they are seen to universally increase yields.


The conservation agriculture method based on the following key principles;

  • Minimum soil disturbance
  • Provision of soil cover – mulch
  • Use of Crop mixing and rotation
  • Use of high management techniques
  • Timely implementation of all operations
  • Precision farming
  • Efficient application and use of inputs – ‘bang for buck’

Through the above method, yields improve and inputs are reduced. Furthermore, land retains its’ agricultural potential without degradation, allowing for sustainable land use whilst maintaining bio-diversity in the region.

Rift Valley facilitates Training and Support to allow farmers to develop from subsistence farming to the running of a business on the farm. This directly impacts the prosperity of families and communities in Zimbabwe.

Agronomy, Logistical and Management support of Rift Valley’s outgrowers is an essential factor to successful production. Rift Valley assists Maize and Tobacco growers in the region.

Our vision – Rift Valley aims to continue supporting Schools within our footprint, alongside projects that specifically promote adult education, skills development and entrepreneurship.

Our Employee Wellness Programmes (EWP), which address HIV and AIDS and other health conditions, are an integrated approach. We have an award winning Wellness campaign in Zimbabwe, which has impacted over 70,000 people; employees, their families and outgrower farming communities in the Nyazura and Guruve areas of the country.


Upon recognition of the relationship between employee well-being and day to day productivity at different levels of work, Rift Valley decided on the idea of developing a comprehensive Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) in 2011. The EWP is a follow on from a successful HIV and AIDS Programme, and is critical to the long-term viability of businesses through reduced health care costs and absenteeism, leading to improved productivity. The overall goal of the EWP is “Promoting Employees’ health and facilitating employees’ and their families’ awareness of the importance of safe and healthy lifestyles”.

As part of community Wellness, Rift Valley supports a number of rural sporting initiatives, encouraging competitive exercise within a number of rural communities. Soccer, netball and volleyball teams are sponsored by the provision of equipment and clothing.

Rift Valley believes that the private sector can act as a catalyst to assist sustainable development of agriculture and business within rural African communities. Our outgrower models allow for the building of close relationships within local government and communities from which secondary projects can be developed.